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Welcome to Baldwin Park Counseling

Welcome to Baldwin Park Counseling

Welcome to Baldwin Park CounselingWelcome to Baldwin Park Counseling

About Us



 Since 1985 Baldwin Park Counseling Center has been providing professional and affordable counseling services to individuals and families of the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding communities. We offer counseling programs in the following problem areas:

  • Drug and alcohol 
  • Domestic Violence
  • Anger Management
  • Child Abuse & Parenting
  • Sexual Abuse victimization
  • Adolescent Problems

 We offer the following Certified,  Court & Probation Approved programs:

  • Deferred Entry of Judgement (DEJ) PC 1000 Drug Diversion Program.
  • 52 week Approved Batterers Program.
  • 6 month Drug / Alcohol Outpatient Program.
  • Short Term Sexual Abuse Prevention & education (non-offender).
  • Drug Testing
  • Juvenile Diversion Counseling

For specific program information please select one of the Tabs above.

El programa de Baldwin park Counseling ofrce servicios para problemas de:

  • Drogas y Alcohol
  • Violencia Domestica
  • Manejo del Enojo
  • Classes para Padres
  • Abuso de Ninos
  • Adolecentes

Acceptamos referrencias de:

  •  la Corte Criminal
  • Dept. de Probacion
  • la Corte de Los Ninos
  • Dept. do Trabajadores Sociales

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Para mas informacion Llamenos al:               626-917-2120
For further information or to make an appointment please Contact Us  at  626-917-2120.
Our Address is:  1710 W. Cameron Ave. # 202,  West Covina  CA.  91790

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Our Services

Domestic Violence Anger Management


 Our Domestic Violence program is certified by The Los Angeles county Probation Dept. Our Anger management program is recognized by probation departments across the Los Angeles area including L.A. County,  Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.  We also work with cases from the Dept. of Children and Family Services. Our current services include:

  • 52 week Certified Batterer Intervention Program.
  • 26 week Anger Management Program.
  • 52 week Anger Management Program
  • Short term Juvenile Diversion Anger Program

Victims of Domestic Violence can call The WINGS Program 24 hour hotline  for counseling and other resource assistance at 626-9670658.

Los  Programas de  Violencia Domestica y Manejo del Enojo, y Abuso de Ninos estan aprobados por La Corte De Los Angeles y el Departamento de Probacion.   Los servicios incluyen:

  •  Programa de Violencia Domestica - 52 semanas.
  • 26 week Anger Management Programa para el manejo /control  del enojo - 26 y 52 semanas.
  • Programa para el control del enojo para adolecentes  12 semanas





Deferred Entry of Judgement Programalso known as Drug Diversion or PC 1000 Drug Program,is a 5 month court ordered program for first time drug offenders. It meets in Group Mode once a week. There is an 12 step  meeting  as well as a minimum drug testing requirement.

Six month drug / alcohol outpatient Program
is for those individuals seeking help for substance abuse addiction, as well as those on probation or court ordered. The program consists of  26 weeks of group counseling. Meetings are held once a week. Attendance to a minimum of ten 12 step meetings and random drug testing is required.

Juvenile Diversion Drug Education & Prevention
is for those individuals on probation and required to complete some drug counseling or education and prevention intervention. The program consists of 10-12 weekly sessions.

Drug testing
is available to parents, family members, probation officers, social workers, school staff, employers 
who want to determine if someone is using illegal drugs.

Programa de Drogas  (DEJ)El programa de Drug Diversion o PC 1000 es por parte de La Corte  para personas que son arrestados por offensas de drogas o alcohol. Es de  de  5 meses, una vez a la semana en grupo.  Tambien hay requisito de program de los 12 pasos y de analises de drogas.

Programa de Drogas Y Alcohol (externo) 
Este programa es para personas que  desean resolver su addiccion y dejar de abusar drogas y Alcohol. ,\
Acceptamos referrencias de la Corte Criminal, Dept. de Probacion, de los Trabajadores Sociales, Empleados, Personal Escolar.  El programa es de  26 semanas de tratamiento en grupo, una vez a la semana.  Tambien hay requisito de programa de los 12 pasos y analises de drogas.

Programa para adolecentes para el  manejo del Enojo, y  Vandelismo
Este Programa es de 8 a 12 sessiones para jovenes arrestados por aggresion, violencia, vandelismo.

Prueba de Drogas y Alcohol
Usando prueba de Urine se verifica si un ser querido esta abusando drogas o Alcohol. Este servicio esta disponible a Padres, familiares, La Corte, Personal escolar, Trabajadores Sociales, Empleados..

Parenting - Child abuse


  Baldwin Park Counseling Center staff have experience in  working  with cases from the Dept. of Children and Family Services, Local courts and Probation  in providing Individual, group and family counseling services.  Our current services include:

  • Certified 52 week child Abuse program.
  • 20 week parenting program.
  • Short term Individual Counseling.
  • Short term Family Counseling
  • Short term Juvenile Diversion Counseling

Los consejeros de Baldwin Park Counseling  trabajan con los trabajadores sociales del  Dept.  de Ninos y  Familias  y La Corte De Los Ninos en prover servicios de therapia  Individual, groupo y de Familia. Los servicios incluyen:

  • Programa de Abuso de Ninos de 52 semanas  (para Corte Criminal)
  • Classes para Padres de 20 semanas.
  • Consejeria Individual termino corto.
  • Consejeria Familiar termino Corto
  • Consejeria Para Adolescentes termino corto.

Referral Sources


 Referral Sources & Other Help:

Here you will find some sources for Sober Living Homes, AA/NA locations & services, some help hotlines, other services like family counseling and court information.

Sober Living InformationContact InformationPuente House/ Men & Woman $600 CovinaKarl Morris (626) 967-1819
(800) 494-9844
Dixon House/ Men & Woman Covina/ West Covina
Men/Joe Acosta & Woman/ Verna Sanchez (626) 332-1857
Welcome To Life/ Men
Covina $500

Jim Turner (626) 318-1000
Maverick House/ Woman w/ Chld. West Covina $550

Marty Everett (626) 841-8259
Room To Grow / Woman & Wm. w/ chld. Covina/ La Puente $500-$550

Raquel Davis (626) 826-3536
Forestdale House/ Men
Covina/ $500

Mike Eichorn (626) 332-9283
Brick House Sober Living/ Men
Pomona/ $425

Marty Estel ( 909) 227-172
Pomona Avenues Sober Living Men/ Pomona/ $400

Lou Cabot (909) 622-6060
Pathways for Men
Azusa/ $500

Tim Evans (626) 348-4805
Pathways for Woman w/ Children
Pomona/ $500-$550

Lisa Evans (626) 373- 6006  In-patient ProgramsContact InformationPrototypes(626) 624-1233Aurora Hospital / Charter Oak(626) 966-1632             Sober Living Referral Hotline
                     (800) 799-2084
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Frequently asked questions


How do I make an appointment ?

Please call 626-917-2120.

What do I need to enroll in one of the programs?

you make an appointment, and you will need your paperwork from court, ie. minute order, your  ID and enrollment fee (cash only)